We’re often asked what is included in our packages and what we class as a website update.

An update is anything that’s changed on a single web page. For example, if you have some pictures and need to change some text on your about us page that will count as one update (regardless of how many images or words we need to change). So think of one update as one page being edited on your website.

Below is an explanation of what is and what isn’t accepted as an update:

Add, edit or remove images supplied by client Replace/change logos supplied by you to your website Add, edit or delete blog posts to your existing web blog
Resize/crop images Update contact information or other text on your website Add posts, images (supplied by you) or comments to your social network accounts
Add, edit or remove links on website Rename/optimise file names for search engines Edit (not design) email newsletters
Add, edit or remove videos on website Update/edit your meta data for search engines Provide monthly website traffic/visitor statistics (hosted clients only)
Add, edit or remove pdf files or other documents Generate an XML sitemap for search engines Provide search engine optimisation advice where appropriate
Change font colours/layouts on current pages Update inventory/pricing to ecommerce sites (Business+ package only) Provide support via email or telephone

And here’s a list of what isn’t covered in any of our website maintenance packages:

Website re-design/makeover Copywriting
Article submissions Graphic design
Press releases Search engine submissions
PHP, javascript or any other coding work